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The Dryer Vent Cap That Safeguards  Your Home


Goodbye blocked dryer vents, hello peace of mind!

Goodbye blocked dryer vents, hello peace of mind!

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US Municipal Fire Departments responded to an estimated 14,692 home fires involving a clothes dryer from 2010-2014 or approximately 8 home fires per day according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Annual losses estimated at 13 deaths, 440 injuries, and $238 million in property damage.

What Causes Dryer Fires?

A clothes dryer forces hot air through the turning drum. Wet clothes are dried by the moving hot air. If the airflow to the exterior vent becomes reduced or blocked, the hot air can cause the dryer system to overheat and start a fire. 

How Do Dryer Vent Blockages Occur? 

Blockages can occur from the nests of small birds or animals that have gained entry through an ineffective dryer vent cap or from the bends or buildup in the vent pipe itself. In these cases, the hot air cannot exhaust properly to the outside, causing overheating and an increasing potential for a fire. 

Why is Lint Dangerous in Dryers?

Lint is created from the clothes as the water is removed and the clothes dry. Much of the lint is trapped by the dryer’s filter, but lint is also carried through the venting system, together with moist air. The accumulation of lint, both in the dryer and in the dryer vent, reduces the airflow and creates a highly flammable fuel source.

PREVENT is a built-to-last aluminum dryer vent cap designed to keep out pests, debris, and lint build-up at the dryer vent exit while meeting U.S. Building Code requirements. 

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PREVENT's patented beveled frame at the exit and unique beaked vent design eliminates pest access. No more concern about debris build-up blocking the vent exit and causing a fire. 

No Pests


Replace dryer vent caps immediately if pests are able to access.

Avoid plastic vent cap models that break down over time.

PREVENT's aluminum design withstands the test of time. No more plastic dryer vent caps cracking and crumbling from sun exposure.




PREVENT's hinged damper enables hot air and lint to exit with no barriers or slats blocking the exit per U.S. Building Code


Replace your dryer vent cap if it has a screen or slats that cause build-up and increase the threat of fire. 


Meets Building Code

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Dryer Fire Hazard CSB News

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Dryer Vent Fire Special Report

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